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Growing Troubleshooting

Look here for solutions to many of the common issues that may arise when you start gardening.

Why isn’t my kit growing?

Most seeds take about 10 days to germinate, though a handful can take significantly longer until they sprout or show any green. When in doubt, check that the space your plant is growing in gets full sun (direct sunlight for more than 6 hours a day),

I put my kit together wrong. Did I ruin it?

Check out our setup videos to compare your setup experience. If you believe something has gone wrong, email our Customer Service Team for assistance. Keywords and phrases: plant care, sun, seed starting, sprouting, plant food, plant nutrients, heat,

How do I keep this Grow Kit healthy?

Our Growing Basics blog series is for you! Follow the link for our best advice. Keywords and phrases: plant care, sun, seed starting, sprouting, plant food, plant nutrients, heat, temperature, sunlight, thrive promise

My kit is totally dry. Is that normal?

Super dry soil is not ideal for for most kinds of seedtype sprouting, but is okay for established plants growing in a hydroponic system. If waiting for sprouts, most planters can do with a very light, daily mist. If your Modern Sprout Growkit has a w

My kit is super wet, is that normal?

Your grow kit should be damp but not swamp-like. To avoid excessive moisture as you grow, review your instructions about how to care for your specific grow kit. If you can pinch your growing medium between your fingers and squeeze out water, your kit

Is that mold?

Coco retains moisture needed for germination; however, harmless fungus can grow because of this moisture. Sprinkle more carbon or cinnamon on coco to get rid of fungus as it can stunt plant growth. In addition, growing plants hydroponically or in soi

What is the buildup on my grow medium?

Growing plants hydroponically or in soilless grow medium requires water soluble nutrients in order to be grown successfully. Water soluble nutrients are taken into the plant through their root systems. Over time, these nutrients can accumulate in the

There’s green stuff in my vessel. Is that normal?

You’re likely referring to algae. Thankfully, this algae is harmless to your plant! Even if algae grows on the roots of your plant, it should not impact the plant’s growth. Algae grows when light hits the water and nutrient mixture. The best way to p

Can I put my growkit outside?

Not always. Outdoor Garden Kits meant to be grown or transplanted outdoors can be found here. Indoor Garden Kits are designed for indoor use, but can be put outside. Be mindful that indoor planters do not have a drain hole, and if the reservoir flood

Should I transplant my kit?

Hydroponic kits are not recommended for transplants. Over time, roots will grow through the net pot into the reservoir. Transplanting can be risky as doing so can disrupt a mature root system. However, our hydroponic pint jars contain a coco pot that

I have pests in my planter! How do I get rid of them?

Most pests first are attracted to very moist grow medium. Consider adding a fan to the grow space and giving the planter more sunlight (artificial or natural) if available. Never top-down water, and water less overall to make it harder for pests to s

Live Plants

Live plants ship within 3-5 business days after your order is placed. Live plants will ship separately from the rest of your order. Plants ship from California and Florida, so shipping times can vary depending on the end destination. Please note that

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