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Find shipping logistics including domestic and international options, rates and order modifications.

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Return Policy

Reach out if a kit is not growing as expected or something wrong is with your order. We can help. Our Thrive Promise means our team is on standby to help. We’re all about the try, try, try again!

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Sending a Gift

Read up about gifting products from our website including notes, gift cards, exchanges and more.

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Learn more about our gardening gift subscription service.

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Gardening FAQs

Explore gardening, our products, get some how to’s and learn the science behind hydroponics.

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Grow Lights

Start here to get tips on mounting and using your Grow Light and learn about our warranty.

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Safety FAQs

Get important info about planting and product safety including how to contact poison control.

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About Modern Sprout

Learn about the Modern Sprout family, how we got our start and where we’re headed next.

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Corporate Gifting

Look here if you’re looking for the perfect gift to send to clients, colleagues and team members. Contact us to hear options for bulk discounts, shipping, customizable products, card inserts and more.

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Store Locations

Find a local store that carries our products (And find the widest selection on

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Buy with Prime FAQs
Buy with Prime FAQs
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