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Gardening FAQs

Explore gardening, our products, get some how to’s and learn the science behind hydroponics.


Growing Troubleshooting

Look here for solutions to many of the common issues that may arise when you start gardening.

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Product How To's

Find tips to successfully grow Seed Starters, Seed Balls, Microgreens Garden Kits, Seed Pops and more.

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The Science of Hydroponics

Explore the science of hydroponics and how we use it to make indoor gardening easier.

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Learn More About Our Products

Get information about our products including which are organic, GMO free, plastic free and more.

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Our Thrive Promise

From humble roots trying to get anything to grow in our founders’ apartment to supporting a growing community of gardens and growers, we want to help make gardening as simple and successful as possible. We know, though, that there’s sometime hiccups

How do I contact Customer Service?

Our Customer Service Team can be reached by email, talk soon!. Keywords and phrases: employees, complaint, assist, customer service

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