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About Modern Sprout

Learn about the Modern Sprout family, how we got our start and where we’re headed next.

Is this business family owned?

Yes! Husband and wife Nick Behr and Sarah Burrows founded the company out of their apartment in Chicago in 2013. Today, the family in this family business has expanded to include two young children. Our family and company have grown nurtured by our C

Is this business woman owned?

Yes! Modern Sprout is co-owned by a woman, cofounder Sara Burrows. Keywords and phrases: Woman founded, Founder, Female founder, Diversity and Inclusion

Is this business minority owned?

No, Modern Sprout is not minority owned. Keywords and phrases: POC, Person of color, Diversity and Inclusion

Is everything made in the USA?

The majority of our products are assembled in the USA and shipped from our Chicago headquarters. We work to source domestically whenever we can. If you're curious about a particular product or plant, details of its origin story can be found on the pr

When was MS founded? Where?

In 2013, husband and wife team Nick Behr and Sara Burrows founded the business after seeking innovative ways to become better home gardeners out of their Chicago apartment. Through trial and error, plenty of research and many late nights, they develo

Where are you based?

We’re from Chicago, Illinois and our headquarters are just a few miles from our founding space. Keywords and phrases: Headquarters, Center, Place of Operations, Location, Where are you located?

Where is your warehouse?

We’re located in the industrial corridor of Chicago, IL. We work to do as much as we can from our hometown – from product ideation and design to manufacturing, assembling and shipping. We also look to support local companies whenever possible, includ

Where is your store?

Modern Sprout does not have a storefront at this time, though maybe we will one day! You can find us in retailers all across the USA and Canada. Use our store locator to find Modern Sprout products near you. Remember, the widest available selection i

Where can I find your products in stores?

You can find us in retailers all across the USA and Canada. Use our store locator to find a business that holds snippets of Modern Sprout products. Remember the widest selection is always found on and buying from our site directly su

Contact Us

[email protected]. 2010 W. Fulton St. F-304Chicago, IL 60612. FacebookInstagramPinterest. Keywords and phrases: customer service, service email, customer service email, location, where are you located, return address, social media, headquarters,

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