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What’s the best lighting setting for my plants?Updated a year ago

Modern Sprout’s app has a handful of preset automatic settings including Partial Shade, Partial Sun and Full Sun built in.

Figuring out the right setting for your plants can take some experimentation. Use caution after transplanting your grows and start with your lights on a dimmed setting with the general recommended sunlight for your plant. For example, when planting succulents that generally prefer full sun, select "Full Sun" and dim the lights to 75% strength. This will prevent undue scorching and plant shock. You can always up the sun, but it can be especially tricky to heal some plants from over exposure!

If you’d like to set up custom settings beyond Partial Shade, Partial Sun and Full Sun, see our steps here. This is a great option to shift the light supply to better work with your own schedule to accommodate working hours, nighttime routines, and offer additional flexibility.

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