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How do I set up custom lighting schedules?Updated a year ago

To set up Simple Custom Schedules:

After connecting your light to our app, we are ready to set up customized schedules to run throughout the day or selected days.

1. Make sure your light is not currently set on a schedule, preset or otherwise. Turning your light off will not work, it must be turned off of all schedules.

2. Click the lower righthand button called "Custom" in your app screen

3. Press "Add schedule"

4. On the following screen, you will be able to select your preferred times to run your light at your selected level of brightness (the meter at the bottom)

5. Select which days of the week you would like your light to run at this level of brightness at this selected time.

6. Hit Save in the upper right corner and name the division of your schedule. Something like "Weekend morning" is ideal, and what I personally prefer to use.

7. Now, you'll find your preset available in the custom schedule screen. Toggle the on/off switch to further customize your scheduled block.

8. You may now add an additional step using the "add schedule" button at the bottom of your screen.

To set up Advanced Custom Schedules:

In the bottom center of your screen, there's a sun icon labelled "smart."

Thought this set up process is more involved, these changes will be able to be run at the same time as desired with the most opportunities for customization.

1. In the upper right corner of the new screen, select the plus sign.

2. Here, you get to set the conditions for the schedule you want to set. Likely we're working on a time constraint (Like wanting you lights to dim when you come home from work) so you'll be selecting the Schedule button. You can also set up schedules dependent on your location (Sunrise/set, humidity, and local temperature to name a few) which can be found under "When weather changes though the app will need the location of your device to use this feature.

3. In this new "Schedule" tab, select your preferred repeat schedule or the days on which you would like to run your lights at the desired brightness. After selecting, click "next."

4. Now, you will set up the task. Select the light you wish to assign the task under "Run the device."

5. If we're working on your first setting, you'll want to set the switch to "on" (To turn the light on, not to turn the function on, this can get complicated when you want to schedule a power down for the end of the day) and select your brightness. Hit "x" t to finalize.

6. You may now add any additional conditions fro the top section (like weather changes) or add additional tasks in the middle window for your smart chip (like sending a notification when the device is on--I love this for trips-- or scheduling the length of time you would like to turn on at the selected setting).

7. You can also select a color or image from your gallery for your schedule's window at this time under "style." Similar to online schedule blocks.

8. To set the off or end of schedule time, at the very bottom of your screen you'll see the "Effective Period" selection. This area allows you to set an end time for the scheduled brightness level.

9. Press "save." Your device will now ask if you would like to start using the schedule. Select "Yes."

As you add new sections to your schedule, you should be able to set back-to-back commands for your lights.

To address custom setup difficulties:

  1. Custom Schedules: If your custom schedule is not working, delete the schedule, then clear your cache, Me > Settings > Clear Cache. Close the app completely, open the app, recreate the schedule. Be sure to manually set your device to on/off to coincide with your schedule.
  2. Check Wifi Signal Strength: Check the network environment has strong and stable signals. To check your network connection quickly, open a web page on your phone or other device that is connected to the wifi network to check whether the browsing is smooth and stable.
  3. Clear the Cache: Go to Me > Tap the Bolt icon in the top right > Select Clear Cache. Close the app, reopen and re-set the schedule again.
  4. Check for a Firmware Update: To do this on the app go into your connected device page > tap the edit button in the top right corner > Check for Firmware Update.
  5. Delete and Reconnect Your Device: Delete your device and attempt to reconnect it.
    • To delete a connected device, go to the device page > Edit button in the top right corner > Remove Device.

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