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Safety FAQs

Get important info about planting and product safety including how to contact poison control.

My kid/pet ate a component in my kit. Should I call poison control?

When in doubt, call poison control. The USA National Poison Control Hotline can be reached at (800) 222-1222. The Canadian poison control hotline can be reached at (800) 268-9017. Note: Coco disks expand when introduced to moisture. Keywords and phra

Is all of your plant food organic?

Our bottled nutrients, including Bloom and Grow, are Non-GMO and Organic. Keywords and phrases: nutrients, bloom, grow,, liquid, dosage

Can I use my jar/vessel/vase for food?

Our vessels are not considered food or heat safe. We highly recommend planting a new kit using our replant kits. Keywords and phrases: food safe, food safe, heat safe, use for food, eat out of, drink out of, drink from, use again, reuse

My dog bit through my cord, will he be okay? Can I get a new power cord?

Even if your pup is up and walking around, it may be a good idea to get him checked out by a professional. Modern Sprout is not to be held liable for injury or repair in such instances of improper use as noted in our Limited Warranty Policy. Keywords

There’s green stuff in my vessel. Is that normal?

You’re likely referring to algae. Thankfully, this algae is harmless to your plant! Even if it grows on the roots of your plant, it should not impact the plant’s growth. Algae grows when light hits the water and nutrient mixture. The best way to prev

What is the buildup on my grow medium?

Growing plants hydroponically or in soilless grow medium requires water soluble nutrients in order to be grown successfully. Water soluble nutrients are taken into the plant through their root systems. Over time, these nutrients can accumulate in the

I have pests in my planter! How do I get rid of them?

Most pests first are attracted to very moist growmedium. Consider adding a fan to the grow space and giving the planter more sunlight (artificial or natural) if available. Never top-down water, and water less overall to make it harder for pests to st

Are your products plastic free?

While not all of our products are plastic free, we’re making purposeful changes as a part of our sustainability initiative. Check out the specifics here. Keywords and phrases: sustainability, recycle, recycled materials, food safe plastics, food safe

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