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Why does my grow light keep disconnecting?Updated a year ago

Smart technology can disconnect for a variety of reasons. Most have an environmental cause related rather than a technology related malfunction.

  1. Ensure You’re Using a 2.4GHz Connection
    • Check that your provider has not merged your wifi channels.
  2. Your Smarttech May Be Too Far from Your Router. 
    • Consider rearranging your growing space and try again to connect: 
      • Check the network environment has strong and stable signals. *TIP* To check your network connection quickly, open a web page on your phone or other device that is connected to the wifi network to check whether the browsing is smooth and stable.
  3. There May be Numerous Old Devices on Your Network. 
    • The wifi may be over extended on its number of authorized devices and “bumping” your growtech from the network. Remove any unnecessary connections for faster, more reliable speeds.
  4. Make Sure the Power Source is not Getting Overloaded or Surging. 
    • Power outages can disconnect smart technology 
  5. Clear the Cache: 
    • Go to Me > Tap the Bolt icon in the top right > Select Clear Cache. 
    • Close the app, reopen and re-set the schedule again. Ensure you’re using the chosen schedule and that the schedule is set to run at the time you’re observing the disconnection from wifi.
  6. Check for a Firmware Update 
    • To do this on the app go into your connected device page > tap the edit button in the top right corner > Check for Firmware Update.
  7. Your Device May Need Repairs. 
    • See our repair page here.

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