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How do I grow Microgreens?Updated a year ago

We know it’s tempting, but don’t rush the process! The germination period wherein Microgreen seeds and their tray are kept in the dark is critical to the growth of tiny wild root systems. Pull out the tray and complete the setup of your kit for full pop-up fun on day 3!

If you didn’t enable text reminders when setting up your kit, don’t forget to add 2 tbs of water to your kit daily on days 3-6. Keep this indoor growkit in full sun, and your sprouts will stay happy. *Not recommended for outdoor use.*

Concerned about mold or root hairs?

No worries. Microgreens roots can resemble white tendrils, pasta-like strands, or silky white spiderwebs. When in doubt, reach out to our team below!

If you believe you need a fresh start, contact our Customer Service Team with your order information and seed type. 

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