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How do I connect my Modern Sprout Smart Grow Light?Updated a year ago

To connect, follow these steps below:

See our written Smart Light connection instructions here

For video-led setup:

To connect via standard mode, follow our setup video

To connect via AP mode, follow our setup video

Having trouble connecting?

1. Find Some Sun: First thing’s first, don’t panic! Move your plants to an East or South facing window while we figure this out.

2. Verify Your 2.4GHz Network: Check that you are attempting to connect to a 2.4 GHz wifi network. See above section for details on what a 2.4 GHz network is and the steps to ensure you have this properly set up.

3. Check Wifi Name and Password: Check that the wifi name and password you are using to connect are accurate.

4. Check Wifi Signal Strength: Check the network environment has strong and stable signals. To check your network connection quickly, open a web page on your phone or other device that is connected to the wifi network to check whether the browsing is smooth and stable.

5. Overloaded Network: Your wifi may have too many devices connected to it. Try removing some and connecting again.

  • A quick way to do this is to change your wifi password, this will require reconnecting all your other devices which could be a pain but it is a fresh start.
  • Alternatively, if your router has an app or web portal you can log into that shows you what devices are connected to it, use that to evaluate the devices and remove old connections, like your old roommate’s computer!

6. Reset the item giving connection difficulties: Unplug the frame for a full 24 hours to allow the LEDs to reset themselves and remove the frame from your app if it has been connected previously.

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