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RepairsUpdated a year ago

Do you believe your Modern Sprout Growlight is in need of repair?

  1. Our Customer Service Team will do our best to resolve your issues remotely, and if necessary, authorize a repair in our Chicago-based facilities. Check out our Grow Light  FAQs for more information on how you may reset or problem solve remotely. At-home repair kits are not available at this time.
  2. Please note, our smart technology and app-regulated lighting schedules are only available over 2.4GHz wifi. Technology can be operated manually by pressing the on/off button for regular use without needing the app or wifi. 

Do note, our older non-smart hardware has been retired. When you send in your frame, it will be upgraded with our all new smart lights upon repair if said item qualifies for repair. Discontinued non-smart components are no longer made, nor kept in-house.

  1. To initiate the repair process, contact Modern Sprout Customer Service with the following: proof of purchase including the purchase date, item name, and item quantity, do also include your most current shipping address. Note what has gone wrong with your device in detail for the best assessment of services. Providing a photo or video of your device misbehaving is highly encouraged. International repair services will be subject to duty and customs fees as detailed by Modern Sprout's International Shipping Policy.
  2. A Modern Sprout agent will assess, diagnose and repair your unit accordingly. Once received by Modern Sprout, the repair will take 7-10 days from arrival to departure. 
  3. You will receive an email confirmation when your item has left our facilities and is on its way to you.

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